Speed Skating Centre “Kolomna”

Welcome to the Moscow Region Speed Skating Center «Kolomna»!

The beautiful ice palace is the pride and honor of not only the Moscow Region but the whole Russia. The Kolomna ice successfully held large international competitions: four speed skating and short-track speed skating ISU World Cups and ISU European Speed Skating Championships.


The Speed Skating Center «Kolomna» is situated near the ancient Kolomna Kremlin, therefore the challenging architecture decision is side by side with the centuries-old history. All this impresses and delights by its scale. Today it is hard to imagine Kolomna without the ice center. The modern sports facility harmonically joined the historical part of the city, by no means disturbing, but even adding peculiar hints to cultural and architectural landscape. The sports complex finds itself in 100 km away from Moscow.

The infrastructure of the Kolomna ice center permits to develop on its basis different sports like speed skating, short-track speed skating, curling, figure skating, basketball, tennis, badminton, mini-football, and also conduct conferences, seminars, exhibitions, corporate business and holiday events.

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The Speed Skating Center of the general surface of more than 70 000 square meters includes a sports-training complex, a medical rehabilitation center, a health-training swimming-pool, three Jacuzzi baths, saunas, a playground, a gym, a conference hall, a winter garden, a café, a trading zone, administration offices, an archeological exhibition, a field-and-track stadium, museums of speed skating history and skates.

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The heart of the speed skating center is the ice arena. Its surface is about 13 000 square meters, 8 800 meters of which belong to ice. The ice field is divided into three separate contours, each of them can be prepared separately. In the center of the arena finds itself a standard ground of 30 to 60 meters for short-track speed skating, curling, figure skating and mass skating and also for hockey under the condition that the additional equipment is set. Two ice tracks according to the international standards are 400 meters long and 4 meters wide. The width of the training track is 5 meters. The inner track is meant for the skating technique training and its length is 333 meters. Monolithic slab without any temperature joints lays in the basis of the ice arena.


The spectators’ tribunes can seat more than 6 000 spectators. The ice field is equipped with two light-emitting diode screens permitting to show out text information and project images.


Press-center of square surface 191,6 m2 has 70 seats on the tribunes  and it is meant to hold press conferences since it is equipped with sound and video systems.


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