Change in Competitions’ Regulations of the World Artistic Fencing Championship

7.2.6 Rudeness and violence

During the evaluation of this criterion, the jury will take into account the foul language, obscene gestures, excessive violence and cruelty scenes. A penalty of 3 points will be given by decision adopted by a simple majority vote.

7.2.7 The violation of safety rules

The following actions will be fined:

– a weapon is released from the hands (also in cases of disarming) and is thrown over the stage border in the direction of the spectators’ hall or the curtains;

– a blow or a thrust with a weapon aimed at the opponent’s face (irrespective of the fact whether the opponent was injured or not);

– inflicting wounds or serious damage to a partner;

– a fall off the stage; – any action which threatens the safety of the audience or participants.

– Improvised actions or non-compliance with the pre-rehearsed scenario with action dangerous for the Partner(s).


A team will be fined upon the judges’ decision taken by a simple majority vote by deduction of 1-3 points from the general score, in accordance with the impact of violation.

In case the violations of safety rules resulted in inflicting a serious wound to an actor/a spectator, the Jury can insist that the performance is eliminated from the competition programme.

In this case, upon the decision of the Technical Directorate, which is peremptory, legal pumishment can be applied to an offender.


Competitions’ Regulations of the World Artistic Fencing Championship Kolomna, July 2016.

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